The Power of Focus on Vision
By working with Rachel, I addressed several significant personnel performance issues and implemented a process to ensure quality hiring.  That helped me free up my time to spend on key customers and critical business issues.  As a result, I have already secured one new customer and two other high value potential customers have asked for quotes.  Until I worked with Rachel, I had no idea how much stress and wasted effort could be eliminated, and how energized I would be once I was able to focus on building my business again.  Thanks, Rachel, for your guidance and for keeping me focused on my vision.

Owner, Industrial Service Company


From Push to Shove

Rachel Moore is a dedicated life coach who has the ability to pinpoint issues needing attention.  She identifies these areas, but more importantly, is able to communicate them in such a way that her clients can understand and then make the necessary changes to become more effective.

I have worked with Rachel for the past 10 months and we have grown together into a team where with her gentle guidance encouraged me to make the necessary changes to move forward in my growth and development to reach my goals.  Working through long-standing issues, she helped me identify them and then provided me with a roadmap to move forward where I grew and accomplished great strides towards my goal.  Her insight and guidance nudged me in the right direction until I could move forward on my own. 

I was impressed by how she moved from a gentle push to a stronger shove when I needed it.  She accomplished this in such a way that I understood what I needed to do and had a clearer picture of the consequences if I didn’t change.  It was a life changing lesson, delivered in such a way that I will not forget it.

In summary, Rachel has the ability to identify needs and help move her clients forward to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. 

Joyce P.